Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ICTs in Rural Development: Advantages & Disadvantages

Information Communication Technology (ICT) projects can improve socioeconomic conditions of rural areas by making information more accessible. Advantages and disadvantages of implementing ICTs in rural areas of developing countries are listed below. Please comment based on your experience or knowledge of ICTs.

Advantages of ICTs in Rural Development
  • Provides market access 
  • Improves healthcare
  • Improves education 
  • Facilitates rural empowerment and participation
  • Improves governance 
Disadvantages of ICTs in Rural Development
  • Web companies may not want to provide services to non-profitable rural areas  
  • Technologies such as bandwidth are expensive in rural areas
  • ICT projects are difficult to plan
  • Sustainability of an ICT projcet is difficult to maintain
  • Some claim ICTs benefit the rich while and does not benefit the poor

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